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Fall Classes begin August 18
About Us

Dance Fx Academy of the Arts, Inc.
Dance is an exciting form of self-expression incorporated with creativy, rhythms, self-disipline and self-esteem. Dance FX Academy of the Arts. Inc. will provide a disciplined and structured program in the education of tap, jazz, classical ballet, lyrical dance, voice training, theatre studies, including stagecraft dance history, and performance skils for students of all ages. At Dance FX Academy, the students receive the highest standards of training and professional quality instruction in a comfortable and safe environment.

Dance FX Academy offers guidance to help every student develop his/her potential one step at a time.

Our Staff at Dance FX Academy welcome you into the doors of new opportunities!

Code Of Ethics
  • Create a climate characterized by high expectations with mutual respect, caring, and support for all students.

  • Be bound by the necessity of constant study, knowing that dance is a living art.

  • Provide quality instruction giving our students the utmost measure of our knowledge in the art of dance.

  • Discourage competition amongst our fellow dancers, placing importance on teamwork.

  • Hold our profession and those within our profession, the highest respect.

  • Assist each student in realizing their individual strength and provide an environment in which they may develop.

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